SSL Communications is one of the professional wireless communication companies in Israel. SSL Communications established by several wireless experts in order to give the customer comprehensive wireless solutions and services. SSL Communications specializes in planning and implementing wireless communication solutions.

As a part of its solutions, SSL Communications is representing the leading wireless companies in the world. SSL Communications main goal is to take advantage of its
experts in order to build a comprehensive Communication, Wireless and Security
solutions in accordance to its customers need.
SSL Communications experts have a wide experience with several thousands of wireless systems in all the wireless communication fields including Site Surveys, Network Planning, Network Implementations, Project Management and Network Maintenance.

Among SSL Communications experts customers:
  IDF (Israeli Defense Army) -
    Tens of wireless and low-voltage systems for Data, Voice and Video Delivering.
  Telecom Companies - Tens of Data wireless links.
  Government - Tens of wireless systems for data delivering.
  Financial Organizations - Wide-Coverage of wireless solution between 100 sites.
  Universities - Tens of indoor and outdoor wireless systems.
  Othes - approx. 500 companies in which SSL Communications experts planned, implemented and maintain their wireless solution.

SSL Communications portfolio includes the following services:
  Site Survey - In order to succeed with the deployment of wireless communication system, we must     perform professional site surveys aimed to match the solution to the environment and the customer     needs. SSL Communications plans and implements those professional site surveys in accordance to
    its wide experience. Choosing the right solution - In accordance to the site-survey result, SSL     Communications is choosing the matched solution.
  Network Planning - Wireless and wired network planning (including RF planning).
  Engineering and Project Management
  Deployment - Wireless and wired network deployment.
  Maintenance and Service

SSL Communications activities are executed in accordance to the local regulations (Environment and Communication).
SSL Communications wireless solutions are including the following technologies:
  LAN / WAN Bridging
  Radio SDH / PDH
  BWA (Broadband Wireless Access)
  Free Space Optics
  Analog Wireless Video
  Digital Wireless Video
  Accessories (Antennas, Cables etc)

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