The UTM-200 is a multi-function secure gateway system which can effectively defend against the ever-evolving network attacks and hacker intrusions. With the UTM-200 systems, you can monitor and manage the employees’ inappropriate Internet behaviors and activities, as well as their email traffic, thus providing a safeguard against abuse of company resources. The UTM is a choice investment for any enterprise of the 21st century.  

1. Max. 200MB Bandwidth
2. Policy based Bandwidth Management
3. Granularity of Bandwidth Control (1Kbps)
4. Concurrent Sessions 582,000
5. Support IDP and DoS/DDoS Protection
6. 2 WAN Inbound/Outbound Multi-homing
7. Built-in SSL VPN
8. Provides E-Mail SPAM Filtering and Anti-Virus
9. Support My SPAM Management
10. Support 3A (Authentication , Authorization , Accounts)
11. Web-Based Traffic Authentication
12. External Authentication (RADIUS, LDAP, POP3) and Internal Database Authentication
13. Support Internal Database
14. Provides URL , E-mail , IM , P2P and HTTP content filter functions
15. Provide High Log Analyze
16. Provide High Availability (HA)
17. Built-in 80GB HD *1


  Performance and Physical Characteristics



Throughput : 200Mbps
Concurrent Sessions : 582,000
New Session/Second : 5,800
Policies : 1,000
VPN Performance : 64Mbps
Dedicated VPN Tunnels : 200


2 x WAN Ports
1 x LAN Port
1 x DMZ Port (Can change WAN Port)

  IEEE Standard

IEEE 802.3 10BaseT Ethernet
IEEE 802.3u 100BaseTX Fast Ethernet

  Software & Management


  Bandwadth Management

Priority Queues (3 Queues)
Maximum and Guaranteed Bandwidth
Granularity of Bandwidth Control (1Kbps)
Download Quota and Per Session Number Control
In/out bound traffic management
Packet Priority


Stateful Packet Inspection
Rule Schedule
Predefined Service and Network Object

  Operating Mode

Layer 2 Transparent Mode
Layer 3 Route Mode
L2 and L3 Mix Mode
Policy based NAT by Static/Dynamic NAT
Policy based PAT
Analyzed protocol layer 7


Built-in SSL VPN
Encryption Algorithm (DES, 3DES, AES)
Authentication Algorithm (MD5, SHA-1)
IKE Support
Peer Authentication (Pre-shared Key, Certificate)
Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS) for DH Group 1, 2, 5
Support DPD
Hub and Spoke VPN
VPN Trunk and Failover (IPSec, PPTP)


IDP Database > 2900 signatures
Customizable Signature
Auto-Update of IDP Database
DoS/DDoS Protection
NetBIOS Alert Message

  Load Balance

In/Outbound Load Balancing :
(by Traffic/by Session/by Packet/by Source IP/ by Service)
Algorithm : by Round-Robin/weighted Round Robin (RR/WRR)
Build-in DNS Server
DNS Entry Backup

  E-mail Filtering

Bayesian Filtering/Fingerprint/Block and Exempt List/RBL/Auto-Learning/Personal Rule
My SPAM Management


Free AV Engine (Clam AV);Sophos (Annual Update)
Auto-Update of Virus Code
Scanned Protocol by SMTP/POP3/HTTP/FTP

  Content Management

URL Filtering
HTTP Content Block (ActiveX/Java Applet/ Cookie/ Pop-up)
File Extension Filtering
IM Control (MSN/ICQ/Yahoo Messenger/Skype/QQ)
P2P Control (BT/eDonkey/MUTE/WinMx/KuGoo/iMesh)

  3A (Authentication,Authorization,Accounting)

Internal Database Authentication and Authorization
External Authentication (RADIUS, LDAP, POP3)
Web-Based Traffic Authentication
Support Local Accounting

  System Management

SSL Based Web UI
Role Based Administration
Configuration Wizard
NTP Support
Upgrade and Changes via WebUI
High Availability (HA) /Active-Passive
Support DDNS and PPPoE

  Logging and Monitoring

Internal Log Database
Packet Statistics
Event Report (Top N)
Traffic Report (MRTG)
Email Alert



  Hardware Platform

CPU Intel Celeron 1.2G
Built-in 80G HD * 1

  Rack Mount

Standard 1U 19”  


270(L) * 430(W) * 40(H) mm  


2.8 kg  


Temperature : 10 ~ 40° C
Humidity : 10 ~ 90 % (Non-Condensing)


FCC , CE  

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