Solar Power Controller

PheeNet SPC-001-48 is a series of intelligent Solar Power Controller (Solar Battery Charger).

With PheeNet SPC-001-48, all powers gathered from Solar Panel were saved in Solar Battery;
it directly supplies the power from Solar Battery to Wireless Outdoor Bridge and IP Camera / CCTV Camera from 12V/1.5A I/O Interfaces





1. 18V ~ 36V Input from Solar Panel
2. 12V/1.5A Output to IP Camera / CCTV Camera
3. 12V Input or 12V Output with Solar Battery
4. 48V/1A POE Output




  Input Source types

Solar Panel

  Input Voltage

Solar Panel:18V~36V max.



  Output Voltage & Current

Output 1 (at rear term):12V/1.5A(as bat. volt.)
Output 2 (at RJ45 upper):48V/0.35A(regulated)

  Battery Charge Types

Solar Panel:Charge current depends on the wattage of the solar panel
PoE:Fixed current,2.6A max

  Battery Types

12V Lead Acid Battery  

  PoE Input Requirement

30W~50W min  



  Battery Protection

Cut off the load when battery volt is lower than
11V±0.3V,and auto reconnect the load when battery
Volt return to 12V±0.3V

  Other Protections

Battery polarity reversal protection
Batter over discharge protection
Battery over charge protection
Solar panel polarity reversal protection
Solar panel over charge protection
Output short circuit protection
PoE output short circuit protection
Battery output current limited:Fuse




PoE:PoE power input indicator (The LED lights on when P2 PoE connector lower jack with
18V~57V input)
SOL:Solar power input indicator (The LED lights on when SOL connector is connected to solar
panel with input voltage over 12V)
CHA:Charging indicator (The LED lights on when
battery is connector on BAT connector and
LOA:Loading indicator (The LED lights on when
the P3 output connector on rear panel is
connecting to a device and offers power, the
nominal output voltage is 13V~15V)
REV:Battery reverse indicator (The LED lights on when the battery polarity is reversed)



  Operating Conditions

Operation Temperature:-25~+45 °C
Storage Temperature:-40~+85 °C
Operation Humidity:5%~90%
Cooling:Free air cooling




159*118*40 (L*W*H) mm  



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